How to Fix QuickBooks Error 193 – Point Of Sale (Primary Key For Dept Keywords Is Not Unique)

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QuickBooks Error 193 – Point Of Sale (Primary Key For Dept Keywords Is Not Unique)

QuickBooks POS sale error 193 is a stock exchange problem that occurs when there are processing issues in a mailbag. QuickBooks POS Error 193 is one of the most common issues encountered by users when executing an operation in QuickBooks POS. It handles a variety of tasks, including inventory management, sales management, and customer relationship management.

It is critical that all software runs without errors so that it does not destroy other corporate files. The techniques listed below are suggested for resolving this issue.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 193 Causes

The following are the most typical causes of QB POS error 193:

  • A tainted customer list at a distant store
  • The presence of damage
  • QBT documents
  • A customer’s name that has been combined and erased
  • Name and department shop duplication

QuickBooks Error Code 193 warning Message

When a user attempts to deliver the mailbag to a place other than the headquarters, a QuickBooks POS issue occurs. You can receive the two messages listed below.

  • The primary key for the “Customer Rewards” table is not unique.
  • The primary key for department keywords is not distinct.

Let us proceed with the QuickBooks POS sale error 193 resolutions.

Methods for dealing with QuickBooks POS Error 193

Method 1

  • To begin, go to QuickBooks POS’s reporting tab.
  • Go to the customer list >> run the reports
  • Now choose the first customer
  • Double-click on the chosen customer’s name.
  • Go to the view list and look at the first customer’s details, which should be accessible.
  • You will now see the current customer list.
  • Now, pick all and click on the option “I want to” >> then tick the box next to “Delete the client.”
  • Navigate to a file on the headquarters server.
  • Select utilities>> and then click to resend.
  • You must now check the mailbag store.

Method 2

If changing technique 1 does not work, proceed to step 2 as described below.

  • Send the mailbag to headquarters and receive it back.
  • Visit outlying retailers>>menu for customers
  • Next, pick the client list.
  • Select the option “I wish to” and then type the deletion for each customer you wish to erase.
  • Now that the major clients’ information is saved in the headquarters, you can transfer it from there.

If you wish to choose a large number of customers from the list, you can select until the last item on the list.

For Version 10 & 2013

  • Choose the customer from the list
  • Enter the shift

For version 9

  • Press Ctrl +A to select all customers
  • Navigate to the file menu of the headquarter server
  • Select the quality and resent the same
  • Check the mailbag at the store now.


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QuickBooks error 193 is a standard error when you try installing or opening QuickBooks after installation. The error message usually reads “Error 193:0xc1”.

QuickBooks error 193 can be caused by various factors, including issues with the Windows operating system, a corrupt QuickBooks installation file, or virus or malware infections.

You can try the following solutions to resolve QuickBooks error 193:

  • Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool: The tool can automatically diagnose and fix issues with the QuickBooks installation.
  • Perform a clean install of QuickBooks: Uninstall QuickBooks, delete any leftover files, and then reinstall QuickBooks.
  • Update Windows: Make sure your Windows operating system is current.
  • Check for viruses or malware: Run a virus scan on your computer for infections.

Yes, QuickBooks error 193 can affect your financial transactions as it prevents you from accessing QuickBooks, which makes it challenging to manage your finances.

QuickBooks error 193 can occur during the installation or opening of QuickBooks.

A slow internet connection is unlikely to cause QuickBooks error 193.

No, using a different computer is unlikely to prevent QuickBooks error 193 as it is usually related to the computer’s configuration.

Yes, an outdated version of Windows can cause QuickBooks error 193 as it can prevent the proper installation or operation of QuickBooks.